Sunday Morning Deep Thoughts

The death of Robin Williams brought to light the depth of mental illness in todays society. An individual who had everything yet it wasnt enough to overcome the pain and suffering. If you have suffered from depression, you understand how debilitating it can be. And if you haven’t, it is difficult to understand how the other person is feeling.

Depression is both a sadness and an emptiness which makes you feel as if you have no purpose and no reason to live. And you cannot just will yourself out of a depression. You need a combination of medication, suppprt of family amd friends as well as patience.

And most of all, you have to have faith that things will get better. Anti-depressants work 80% of the time and coupled with cognitive therapy increases that number.

Time is the healer that will cure depression because once you go through the process, you come out at the end realizing what really matters in life. Depression changes your character and puts life in perspective. What really matters is peace of mind, happiness, family and friends. Before my depression, I was concerned with things that are not important and then I came to the realization and shifted gears. Now I know what’s really important in life.

My mother was the first person to tell me that loving yourself comes first and everything else follows. Without loving yourself, you can’t love anyone else. And that is easier said than done. I am still working on this to this day and haven’t gotten there yet.

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