Whenever you are feeling low, the best cure is to touch base with old friends. They are the ones that understand you and your foibles. They are the ones who will always give you unconditional support. And they are the ones that can lift your spirits because they understand your unique persona.

I have spent a lot of my life worrying; as a matter of fact, my doctor calls me a worry wart. The what ifs tend to consume my thought processses. But hindsight is 20/20. And when I look back, I have wasted a lot of time worrying instead of spending that time anticipating a positive future. Easier said than done. But give it a try.

Actions speak louder than words. You have to walk the talk. The truth of the matter is that anyone can say anything at any time but unless you back it up with actions, it has no meaning. In terms of effective communications, the now famous UCLA study indicated that 55% of effective communication is body language, 38% is tone of voice and only 7% is the words that we say.

Did you ever notice that when you are with the right people you don’t have to be on guard. Think about it. You must have at least one friend that you can be totally transparent with and not even think twice. The conversation flows smoothly and naturally with no apprehension.

If you are an important part of someone’s life, then they will find time for you. If you have to chase them, then they are not worth it. Time is a precious commodity. One of my pet peeves is that if you are on the phone with someone and they get another call and bail saying they will call you back, that’s a problem.

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