Bad Customer Service at Chapters


So I walk into Chapters Pointe Claire today to return a book. Unfortunately I lost the bill so I asked for a gift card to exchange for another book. The cashier informs me that if the book is in the system and was bought in the last three months, there would be no problem.

Well it was not there despite the fact that I bought in the prescribed time as Chapters is the only place I buy books.

Next the manager who goes through the same exercise and says no go. I tell her that I have shopped there since the store opening and spent thousands of dollars. This is met with a similar response.

So I proceed to tell her that her customer service skills are terrible and asked for her name so that I could reporr her to the head office.

I call and speak to Matthew Price and he asks me if I was intimidating verbally or physically to the GM.

I am flabbergasted. My voice was never even raised.

He said he would redund me for the book but asked me to not go in the store again.

Brilliant – lets ban the best customers from our store.

And then I thought, why am I wasting my time shopping at Chapters.

Instead I can shop online at Amazon with everyone else.

No wasting of gas or pollution.

No standing in lines.

No books out of stock.

Better prices.

Excellent customer service.

Free delivery.

Thanks Matthew – you just saved me a lot of time and trouble.

So goodbye bricks and mortar.

You will be bankrupt soon anyway.

Make your life easy . . .

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