Mid- Week Ramblings

Let’s start with positivity right out of the box. My Director of Sales pointed out, and rightly so, that most of my Facebook posts were negative. I tend to use Facebook as a tool to bash people or things that I don’t like. For example my list of dislikes include …

– The Queen

– The Monarchy

– Marc Bergevin

– The Habs

– Apple – the company

And so on. But I also have a list of likes as well …

– The Nashville Predators

– PK Subban

– Josh Flagg from Million Dollar Listing LA

– Any of the Housewives on TV

So I will pledge to be more positive on social media effective immediately.

So here’s to new beginnings as well as gratitude.

As it often happens in academia, Gratitude has a different meaning within positive psychology than what it means in everyday life.

Most of us associate gratitude with saying “thank you” to someone who has helped us or given us a gift. From a scientific perspective, gratitude is not just an action. Gratitude is a positive emotion, which is really important because it serves a purpose.

Feelings are the essence of life. They determine your past, present and future. People buy products in hopes that the product will make them feel a certain way: either happy, excited or beautiful. Or, they find the product useful in some way, even indirectly such as to support a charity or for altruistic economic reasons. Some people buy beauty products in hopes of achieving a state of happiness or a sense of self beauty or as an act or expression of beauty.

It’s rarely about logic and reason and mostly about feelings and emotions.

Josh Flagg from Million Dollar Listing LA on my new book The Shy Sales Guy

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