Customer Service and Leadership

Leadership is a balancing act between wanting to be liked and wanting to be respected. Leadership is being a humble servant to your people; like an upside down triangle where the leader is at the bottom. Leadership is being both a friend and a mentor as well as being able to offer constructive criticism in order to help the members of your team.

Leadership is all about your people and the ability to find, train and keep good people. You are not in the radio or real estate or food service business, you are in the people business. And people by nature simply want to be appreciated; which is more important than money or status. Feedback and positive encouragement is the breakfast of champions. Why not catch someone doing something right instead of the opposite.

Why are businesses failing in record numbers? It’s not the economy, it’s not the competition, it’s customer service. Our company recently switched cell phone providers and all you had to do is call a number to once the SIM card was installed. Well the call lasted half an hour after which I asked the individual if it was her first day on the job. Finally, I hang up in frustration and never heard back although they confirmed my phone number. And this was my first phone call to our new provider. Epic fail.

Consider these statistics and then look at the long term impact on your company. Not only will a negative experience lose a customer but also that customer will definitely spread the word. Positive customer experiences are not spread as quickly and to as many people as negative ones. I did walk into the cashier at a gas station and not only did the cashier sell me the high end car wash but tried a couple of times to sell me a lottery ticket.

Customer service is definitely an attitude and the two things that need to happen are . . .

  1. Companies have to take the time to train their employees as customer service representatives are the front lines of any business
  2. Companies have to empower their employees to make decisions that may break policy but consider the customer first.

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