Friday Night at the Poker Table

It’s Friday night and I’m playing at Playground Poker which is one of the premiere poker rooms in the world. Poker is a wonderful sport which combines knowledge, guts, and the ability to read other players. As a fairly new player, it takes time to understand the nuances of the game. But the strategy is key and confidence is essential.

That’s probably why I am playing poker; the competition is fun and the sport is very engaging. But on a wider scale, why are most people not doing what makes them happy. If you stay in the shower too long in the morning, maybe it’s time to find another job. Do what you love and the money will come. Easier said than done especially if you have a family to support. But don’t spend you career doing something that you don’t enjoy

I don’t think that these 5 rules are easy to follow but they are the key to peace of mind. The one rule that reflects my personal mission statement is give more. I have always believed in helping others and plan to invest more and more time doing just that. Lowering your expectations minimizes disappointment and living simply eliminates having to keep up with the Jones’s. But hatred and worry are tougher for me; not that I really hate anyone – well there is one person who shall remain nameless. Worry has always been with me and my doctor calls me a worry wart. I will keep on trying and never give up.

I know someone who lived her life like this – just want to get the kids through school, just want to keep the job, just want to and the beat goes on. Happiness is now. Enjoy.

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