Sunday Morning Insights

Can anyone really say that their life is exactly what they thought it would be? After I graduated from CEGEP, I decided to go into social work but my marks at Marianopolis were not above the required 85 to get into McGill University. So I decided to get a degree in Sociology and Psychology instead. But I also discovered Radio McGill which changed my direction to radio. And that is where most of my 37 years in business were spent. There was a brief diversion into professional sports as the VP of Sales and Marketing for the Montreal Alouettes of the Canadian Football League. And a ten year stint as the Director of Sales, Marketing and Public Relations for Mount Royal Commemorative Services.

One of the best pieces of advice is to be an original and don’t be a follower. You have the ability to accomplish anything that you set your mind to. Be original. Stand out. What is your unique selling proposition? What is your sword in the stone? Uniqueness is what makes an individual successful as well as a business. Is your business unique? Do you do something that your competition doesn’t do? That’s the key to success in marketing.

You can’t be all things to all people in person or in business. That is the essence if marketing. As a leader, would you rather be liked or respected? You can’t please everyone. My approach in making decisions is “In order to be fair to everyone” As long as your decision making process is fair and just, then not everyone will like your decisions, but they will respect them.

This is a photo by a pilot above the clouds and a rainbow. If you like my blog, check out my book at

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