Saturday Morning Ramblings

One never knows how another individual is doing based on their outward comportment. Mental illness is not visible like someone who has a broken leg or an obvious affliction. But the upside is that things can and will get better. The situation is temporary and will eventually get better in most cases. The challenge is that when you are in the midst of a depression, it is very difficult to be hopeful as you typically see the glass half empty. But in 75% of cases, a combination of antidepressants and cognitive therapy can get you through.

Do you believe in fate? Do you believe in destiny? Or can we alter our fate and destiny? I believe that everything happens for a reason. But I also believe that we can alter the course of our life through proactivity and decisions. If everything is meant to be, then we just have to live a reactive life. But I truly believe that we can alter our life’s direction by taking certain actions or making specific decisions.

It’s never about the price. There’s always a cheaper alternative. But you get what you pay for. So stick to your guns when asked for a discount. The best approach is to add value. In the radio business, we can add value by offering overnight commercials, a promotional opportunity, or even consulting services. Are there times to offer discounts? Of course. When there is inventory that cannot be recouped like an airline flight or when a retail store has to sell summer products in the fall.

Perspective. It all depends on where you stand. One situation with several different perspectives. CNN or Fox. Keto or Vegan. Habs or Predators. It’s fascinating how two completely different perspectives can exist regarding one situation. But so many other criteria contribute to the way we perceive any situation. The criteria include our upbringing, our environment, our vision and so much more.

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