Sunday Sales and Leadership

Too often in sales we do not take the time to set the table with a prospect. The biggest mistake that salespeople make is starting to talk about their product or service before understanding the wants and needs of their prospect. The first order of business in any initial meeting or what we call discovery is a customer needs analysis. A series of questions regarding their business objectives, challenges, opportunities, strengths and weaknesses. And of course active listening. Only then do we know if we are able to help. There are times that we cannot. In the radio sales business, we have to ascertain if the prospect

  • Is a good match demographically
  • Has an adequate budget to run a successful advertising campaign
  • Understands realistic expectations
  • Has a solid business

I like this quote simply because it says follow your dreams and the Universe will help you find the pieces of the puzzle. If you have a dream don’t sweat the small stuff. Chase the dream. When I left the radio business after 17 years and went into the funeral and cemetery business, there was some degree of adjustment. I tried to bring new ideas to the table including TV infomercials, Gospel concerts in the park, and free tax software with every consultation because the only thing you can’t avoid in life are death and taxes. One of the counsellors would challenge me every time I launched a new program regarding the details. I finally said to her ” better to do something imperfectly than nothing perfectly ”

The mistake that I often hear is that leaders consider themselves managers which leads to an entirely different approach which is often old school and out of date. The definition of manager is as follows

noun: manager; plural noun: managers
  1. a person responsible for controlling or administering all or part of a company or similar organization.
    • a person who controls the activities, business dealings, and other aspects of the career of an entertainer, athlete, or group group
    • a program or system that controls or organizes a peripheral device or process.

      What word is used the most? Control. The problem with control is that it leads to a situation where the team member is not able to express their uniqueness and creativity.

      A leader, on the other hand is a humble servant of their team. Turn the pyramid upside down. The leader is at the bottom. That’s leadership. I have experienced the wrong way several times throughout my career.

      One problem is a leader that calls his team members ” staff” Hmmm

      Another problem is a micro manager that drives his team crazy by not allowing them to express their own style.

      A leader is a coach.

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