Saturday Thoughts on Sales and Life

This is the perfect illustration as to what is wrong in sales today. Sales is about human interaction and technology is a human interaction killer. I receive 5 – 10 email sales pitches daily and I never respond. If you are so lazy as to not pick up the phone to call me ,you will never get my business. One of my younger sales representatives once said, ” I am having trouble reaching a prospect and have emailed them at least 10 times ” Of course I said, pick up the phone! The other reason to cold call is that no one is doing it anymore and your success rate is 8.21% versus .034% for emails.

Please remember that the holiday season is tough for those who suffer from depression. And the chart indicates that depression is more than just sadness. As a matter of fact, it also correlates directly with homelessness. The vast majority of homeless people suffer from depression. If you encounter a homeless person during the holidays, stop look them in the eyes, have a conversation with them and help them in any way you can.

I had the opportunity to attend a Christmas party last night for a tremendous organization called AJOI which serves the West Island youth who are facing challenges. The new objective is to create a residence for the 200 homeless youth in the West Island of Montreal. It’s called Ricochet and will enable young people to have a place to stay instead of having to go downtown to a homeless shelter.

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