The Science of Sales

Did you know that it takes an average of 5 points of contact with a prospect to make a sale? If you were armed with that information, would it not make sense to reach that target with every good prospect? Of course the answer is yes. However, 44% of sales people give up after one point of contact.

Always keep in mind that there are 6 steps in the sales process and before you demonstrate your product or service, you must start with the approach step where you establish rapport and begin the process of establishing credibility. At the end of the day, the prospect must trust you in order to make a purchase.

People hate to be sold but they love to buy. The second step in the process is the most critical step as you determine the need, opportunity, or want.

Sales is still a numbers game. The biggest challenge that we face today is getting a decision maker on the phone. In the age of email, the phone is a tool that still works but is being used less often.

It took 3.68 attempts to reach a prospect 10 years ago. Today it takes 8 attempts. That is why our sales team is required to make 100 calls per day. It’s a formula that works.

So remember the science of sales and your closing ratios will increase.

If you are interested in the art and science of sales, visit or buy my book, The Shy Sales Guy on Amazon.

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