Sales and Belief

The essence of sales is a deep seated belief in your product or service coupled with a strong belief that the produt or service will help your customer either solve a problem, overcome a misconception, or increase sales. And finally, a belief in yourself that you have the innate ability to close the deal. Positive visualization is one of the keys to success in sales. As a matter of fact, an experiment took place at the University of Chicago with a group of basketball players. One group practiced shooting hoops for 24 hours and the other group visualized the ball going in the basket. The result was that the visualization team performed better than the team than practiced.

This is like the story of the two lumberjacks who were in a competition to cut down a tree. One just started straight away and the other one spent a few minutes sharpening the saw. Of course, the latter cut down the tree the quickest. Always prepare in advance before jumping into something.

Sometimes we have to put our life in perspective. How are things going day to day, but more importantly, how are we doing vis a vis last year. Taking a more global look at our lives is more important than going day by day. If you’re trying to lose weight, don’t weight yourself daily, weigh yourself weekly.

At the end of the day, this message is more important than anything else. There is no reason not to be nice, in business and in life. In 38 years of business, I have never raised my voice. Being kind is simple but not easy.

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Enjoy the day.

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