Bad Customer Service

So I walk into a McDonald’s on the way to meeting friends in Ottawa. The touch screen looks cool so off I go. The order is fine but it won’t print out a receipt although it has my money. Now I’m stuck because if I leave then I lose $10. I go to the counter and they can’t find my order. So I ask for my money back but they can’t. Approximately 15 minutes later they find my order – my plan was not to spend the day at McDonald’s. What should have been a simple experience turned into a mess.Prior to McDonald’s I walked into and A&W. The girl behind the counter had her back to me for 5 minutes while the poor guy behind me was frantically trying to get his OJ that she had forgotten. By the time she got to me it had passed 11am and she informed me that they no longer serve breakfast.

So is the economy bad? Are consumers not spending. No. Customer service sucks.

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