Never, never, never give up

It’s been a challenging year in the radio sales industry. The reason is not what you may think. People ask me on a regular basis, ” the radio biz must be losing audience to satellite, streaming and podcasts. But the reality is that the radio industry is gaining audience year over year for the last 5 years.

As you can see by this graph, the average Canadian spends 61% of their time daily listening to audio sources. And where is satellite; a whopping 4%. And podcasts? 3%. And the balance is streaming audio at 9 % and owned music at 13%. So radio rules.

Now back to sales. We have been pacing behind last year by a few percentage points. Not great, but our major competitors are 15% behind last year.

It’s extremely difficult to fight a daily battle when you are behind the eight ball. But we managed to do 3 things that enabled us to catch up to last year this week.

First, in the words of Winston Churchill, never, never, never give up. Second, stay positive. It’s not easy to stay positive when you are constantly running behind your year to date numbera. Third, hustle. As my late father once said when coaching my football team ” when the going gets tough, the tough get going ”

So what did we do next? We increased the size of our sales team so that we have an opportunity to surge ahead of last year with a renewed spirit. I’m looking for to the second half of our fiscal year and I am convinced that we will have a banner year.

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Enjoy the day.

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