Closing is Easy

And Josh Flagg of Million Dollar Listing LA makes it look that way. He is the best closer on the show and the reason why is that he is not afraid of walk away from a sale. If you are desparate to make a sale, that energy will be transmitted to the client. So act like Josh Flagg – cool, calm and collected.

Closing is a subeject that I am asked about on regular basis. When I tell people that there is no magic to closing and it is relatively easy, they are surprised. But if you follow the first 5 steps in the sales process, you ought to close. Th steps include approach, interview, demonstrate, validate, negotiate and then close. Jut don’t overthink it. Closing is an attitude.

I recently developed a new closing line that works like a charm. ” So here’s what we are going to do ” It provides a positive assumption and then lays out a clear plan moving forward.

Closing is easy. You don’t her that very often.

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