Customer Service Sucks

Let’s start with Starbucks.

So I haven’t used my Starbucks card lately and I load $25 onto the card, it doesn’t work so I do it again and again. Three times, no luck. I check my online bank and sure enough $25×3 is taken out of my account. So I look for a phone number to call as I am old school and you have to go online to the Starbucks app to find the number which is hidden under the help button and then hidden under contact us. I reach the recording and I have to enter the 16 digit code on my card but of course I am on my phone and can’t retrieve it that quickly. I call back and finally speak to a human being. She says she will look into it and rectify the situation. I ask her for a free gift for my trouble and she acquiesces and puts $10 on my card. Lesson – if you don’t ask you don’t get. Anyway it’s 2 days later and my card is still empty.

Think about this; I am a long term customer who spends $5 per day x 250 days = $1,250 lost. And that coupled with this blog and everyone I tell this story amounts to thousands of dollars.

Does customer service suck? You bet it does.

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