The National Bank Debacle

So I am leaving the National Bank after 25 years. And here are the reasons why which all revolve around customer service. I have been a good customer with 3 mortgages, 2 bank accounts, RRSPs and a World Elite Mastecard.

My frustration has been building slowly and encompasses three issues.

1. Every time I contact the bank on the phone, I am kept waiting for ar least half an hour. I recently got a new Mastercard and had to wait 55 minutes to activate the card. 55 minutes? Seriously.

2. The customer service at the branch is horrendous. I waiting for half an hour to cash a cheque. The following week I went into the bank again and a man was storming out saying that he didn’t have 30 minutes to waste during the course of the day. I asked for the manager and do you know what she said? ” Well you came in at lunch ” Are you kidding me. Obviously customer training is lacking at the National Bank. So I said I would like to transfer everything to another bank to which she responded with a stare that looked like deer in the headlights. So I called the Senior Vice President of the National Bank and he refused to help me in any way, shape or form. I also spoke to the Vice President responsible for that branch and he refused to help.

I said that I would move my entire portfolio to another bank unless compensated for my trouble. Pretty much a no-brainer. If one of my clients wanted to take their advertising to another station, I would call, set up.a meeting and HELP.

I really don’t understand the mentality at the National Bank. But I do know one thing – businesses fail for one reason; bad customer service.

So I am looking for a new bank

Any suggestions?

Enjoy the day

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