The National Bank Debacle Part 2

So if you read the previous blog yesterday, you will catch up on this story.

The 2 Vice President’s of the bank suggest that I speak to the Ombudsman or in reality are simply trying to dismiss me because their customer service skills suck.

Here is the laughable email exchange with the ombudsman. Being sent to the ombudsman is like going to purgatory – nothing ever happens

His name is Claude Breton.

Here is his email when I asked him what his role is with the National Bank

” I am fixing issues for stakeholders when good faith is in play. I am fixing issues with stakeholders when bad faith is in play. Broad mandate ”

What in God’s green earth is that supposed to mean?

So that cryptic message is supposed to pull me back to the bank?

So, in sum, 2 National Bank VPs are ignoring the 25 year customer and the Ombudsman is sending cryptic messges.

I guess it’s time to go right to the top. At my radio station, if a client wants to leave for another station, we . . .

  1. Immediately contact
  2. Ser up a face to face meeting
  3. Fix the problem
  4. Give some added value
  5. Follow up regularly

Play attention Claude.

I will continue blogging on the National Bank saga.

Enjoy the day

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