The National Bank Strikes Again and not in a good way

So if you have not read the three previous blogs on The National Bank Debacle, you may want to take a look.

So I am parting ways with the National Bank due to horrific customer service, 3 cocky VP’S and an average one hour wait when calling for service.

As I transition to a real tier 1 bank from an unprofessional tier 2 bank, the experiences keep getting worse.

I used my National Bank World Elite card last night to purchase some light fixtures at Reno. All good. I go to Starbucks this morning and I am refused a $5 charge on a $15,000 credit limit.

So I call.the bank and am kept waiting for almost an hour. They inform me that my card is good to go. So I walk into a TD bank and the machine eats my card indicating a problem. The branch manager at TD (because they have brains in their head) immediately helps me to retrieve my card.

So if you are considering a new bank avoid the National Bank like the plague and jump on board with TD.

Nice people who actually care about their customers.

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