Sunday Morning Random Thoughts

It’s a lovely Sunday morning and I wanted to share some random thoughts. The quote above is very prophetic; when we think about it, we spend more time analysing, discussing, and trying to understand the past that we have little time left to invest in the future. We have to figure out how to shift paradigms because the past cannot be altered but the future can.

So I walk into David’s Tea. I am a coffee drinker but I thought perhaps some nice hot or even cold tea would be a change of pace. The young man is an excellent salesperson and shows me a $25 diffuser – sounds reasonable right? So then I order 500 grams of mango tea in a container. Guess how much the loose tea was? $70! I walked out of the store in stunned amazement.

So I played poker on Saturday and although this looks good, easy come easy go. So I go to the interact machine at the casino and try and take out some money. The machine declines the card. My credit is excellent. So I drive home and call Visa Desjardins. They arbitrarily froze my card because they weren’t sure if it was compromised or not. Then I went out for dinner and it was declined again.

Overly cautious or good thinking to protect my new card. The jury is out; what do you think?

Always be kind. I saw a homeless man outside a deppaneur and approached him and we had a nice chat. He is probably suffering from some sort of mental illness. Anthony Robbins taught me to that when you see a homeless person, stop, look them in the eye and chat. I give every homeless person that I encounter a $20 bill. It makes them feel like a million bucks.

Enjoy the day.

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