Cadillac XT5 Rules

The Cadillac XT5 continues the brand’s push to revamp its lineup. Like the CT6 luxury sedan, the XT5 brings about a fresh design, lightweight construction, generous passenger space and an unfamiliar name. What does that name mean, anyway? Cadillac now calls its sedans “CT” (for Cadillac Touring) and its crossovers “XT” (for Crossover Touring). The number following relates to the vehicle’s place in the hierarchy of the brand — the higher the number, the more premium the vehicle is.

The XT5 is an incredible piece of machinery. From the moment that you sit in the cockpit, you feel safe, secure and in total control. The onboard computer is stellar. I drove an Audi A4 prior and the computer was not a touch screen. The sun roof spans the entire vehicle and the rear view indicator makes backing up a breeze.

Where previous Cadillacs used touch-sensitive panels to adjust things like climate settings, every switch in the XT5 is a physical button. We welcome this change, as the tactile sensations of real buttons take the needless guesswork out of setting the temperature or the level of desired seat heating. Unfortunately, there’s still no volume dial. Instead you swipe your finger across a horizontal bar below the infotainment screen. As it doesn’t have the accuracy or response of a dial, we were content using the physical steering wheel controls.

The 2017 Cadillac XT5 received a Good rating (the highest possible) in all five crash tests performed by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. It was also awarded an IIHS Top Safety Pick designation. The XT5 did well in tests performed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration as well. Front-wheel-drive models received five out of five stars for overall safety and in the side crash evaluation, and four stars in frontal and rollover crash testing. All-wheel-drive models received a five-star rating for overall safety, as well as five stars in side crash testing and four stars in the frontal and rollover crash tests.

You just feel safe inside the XT5 and given the fact that you are somewhat elevated, you can see several cars ahead on the highway.

The 3.6-liter V6 easily motivates the XT5, and it does so with impressive quietness. You only hear the engine after standing on the gas pedal for extended periods, but even then it’s still subdued. We’re still curious to find how the engine deals with a full load of people and cargo. We’re also curious to see if Cadillac will offer more engine choices, like most of the competition.

Tim Thompson is the President of Radio Marketing Solutions and Mango Communications. He has also written a book entitled ” The Shy Sales Guy ” which is available on Amazon. He offers sales and customer service seminars. He can be reached at

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