Assorted Customer Service Stories

Customer Service Sucks. It’s a crying shame but it’s absolutely 100% true. I go from the horrendous National Bank to the stellar TD. I call to activate my new credit card and the lady that answeris position, energetic and conversational; the exact opposite of the sad folks at the National Bank.

Imagine a customer service person that is actually happy to hear from you.

” Customer service is an attitide not a department.

Then there’s Visa Desjardins. It’s like going from bad to worse.

I bought furniture at the Brick and was sent a Visa Desjardins card. I decided to use it on an interim basis. Well it’s been frozen 4 times in 7 days. The first freeze was when I drove all the way downtown from Hudson and the card was declined at the casino for suspicious activity.


The second was for dinner at Cunninghams; the third was at the Brick after shopping for 2 hours and the fourth I do not recall.

The last conversation was an increase of the limit from 5k to 8k after which it was declined.

Come on guys, get your act together. And the worst part, all the customer service agents have bad attitudes.

So avoid Visa Desjardins at all costs.

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