Warning – The Visa Desjardins Disaster

Stellar customer service is hard to come by. But bad customer service happens every day. Companies blame the economy for falling sales. But they should look within to find the answers.

Visa Desjardins is now rivaling the National Bank as the worst customer service provider in Canada.

I recently purchased furniture from the Brick which is a great store and has nothing to do with this story. I was sent a Visa Desjardins credit card and decided to use it temporarily as I was transitioning from the disaster that is the National Bank to the stellar TD bank.

The first problem was when I drove from Hudson to the casino and tried to take $500 out and it was declined. I drove back home and dropped in for a quick bite to eat; once again declined. So I called the bank and they increased my credit from 5k to 8k. So the next day I spent 2 hours shopping at the Brick to buy some additional furniture and it was declined again. I call back, by now I know the phone number by heart. I am received by Simon whose employee number is R47.

He says that he is from the security department and is freezing my card immediately. He says he has the right to do this and gives me huge attitude. Over the next 4 days, I call daily and am informed that a supervisor will contact me.

Finally, I call and ask for a supervisor who listens to my story and puts me on hold and comes back to inform me that they are not prepared to do anything.

I give up and hang up.

And live to fight another day.

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