Good Customer Service Snippets

I thought that I would share some short stories on positive customer service.

First, TD Bank. The manager of the branch, Vanessa Cox, on St John’s road welcomed me when I had an issue with my credit card. She sat me down, explained exactly what happended and fixed the problem to my satisfaction. But the most important part was the fact that she was both energetic and enthusiastic in her willingness to help. Remember, customer service is an attitude, not a department.

I met with Jeff Quenneville of Raymond James in Hudson. They are affiliated with Quenneville Walsh Private Wealth Management. Not only am I welcomed with open arms, the meeting is with the whole family including Jeff’s wife Carole and son, Mark and partner Richard Walsh. They have my portfolio to review, update all my files, suggest a new strategy moving forward and they make it SIMPLE. And so far my returns are excellent. I used to work with another financial advisor, who shall remain nameless, and I never once heard from him.

This week I am broadcasting live from Trevi Pools. What an incredible experience. When you walk into their store on the Tcan just east of Sources you feel as if you’re walking into a tropical paradise. The sales team is friendly and they know their stuff. And you can buy a pool or spa today and only pay in 2021. What a tremendous opportunity. Drop in and say hi today from 4pm- 7pm or Saturday and Sunday

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