The Law of Vibration

The Law of Vibration was taught to me by Bob Proctor. He is an American author, motivational speaker and success coach. I had the privilege of of seeing him on stage about 25 years ago in Toronto.

His teachings are simple. The law of vibration is one of the basic laws of the universe. It decrees that everything moves, nothing rests and we live in an ocean of motion. If you really want to master the art of selling, vibration is essential. And yet all the sales training that are done worldwide have nothing about the law of vibration.

Robert Louis Stevenson said everyone’s selling; you’re selling an idea, product or service, and it’s true. The teacher is selling the student, the parents selling the child, the child selling the parent.

So what does selling mean? The professional salesperson understands that selling is doing something for someone, not to someone. They will sit down and they will get to know the prospect. They will find out as much about the prospect as they can and they’ll have permission to ask the prospect questions in order to gather a lot of information. They will find out where the prospect wants to go and what they want to accomplish. They mentally get on the prospects frequency and help them go to where they want to go.

I think we all know and understand this phenomenon. But the challenge is living it every day. But I have noticed recently that if I project a positive and energetic, it will flow back to me. Simple but true. Just try it. Spend the next day in a positive vibration and watch what happens.

Enjoy your day and check out my book which is available at

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