We live in an ocean of motion

As I sat admiring the ocean and the sunrise, I came to the realization that this is the essence of life. The ocean is always in motion and so is the human race. But the ocean has a calmness about it that brings inner peace. E.E. Cummings once said ” for whatever we lose, its ourselves we always find in the sea.

Of course there is that song by America ” the ocean is a desert with its life underground and the perfect disguise up above ” from A Horse with No Name. There is a tranquility that emanates from the ocean that you cannot feel from anywhere else on this universe.

By the Sea by Emily Dickinson

I started early, took my dog,
And visited the sea;
The mermaids in the basement
Came out to look at me.

And frigates in the upper floor
Extended hempen hands,
Presuming me to be a mouse
Aground, upon the sands.

But no man moved me till the tide
Went past my simple shoe,
And past my apron and my belt,
And past my bodice too,

And made as he would eat me up
As wholly as a dew
Upon a dandelion’s sleeve –
And then I started too.

And he – he followed close behind;
I felt his silver heel
Upon my ankle, – then my shoes
Would overflow with pearl.

Until we met the solid town,
No man he seemed to know;
And bowing with a mighty look

At me the sea withdrew.

One final thought. There is an organization called 4 ocean and their mission is ocean conservancy. They want to end the ocean plastic crisis which is endangering the lives of all all animals in the ocean. Each uniquely-colored bracelet represents an animal or ecosystem threatened by ocean plastic pollution and helps raise awareness to support and protect them.

Check them out at http://www.4ocean.com

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