Customer Service Stories

The Best of the Best

1. Godaddy – their telephone customer service is stellar. I have been a Godaddy customer for years and anytime I call, they solve my problem. And they have a pleasant disposition.

2. Walmart – anytime you return an item in Walmart, there is never a problem. Look below.

3.Telus – my Apple phone had the grey screen of death where the screen bleeds grey and is unusable. I contacted Apple (they are in my worst customer service stories) and they were of no help despite manufacturing the product. I called Telus and asked for the President who passed me tona VP. The next morning, I received by courier a brand new phone at no charge. Now that’s cutomer service.

The Worst of the worst.

1. National Bank – the story is too long to recount but the essence is not to complain if you have a problem, just keep quiet and accept the incompetence which runs rampant.

2. Apple – they will play games in order to outlast you. They refused to accept responsibility for a phone that they made. And when you travel up the ladder to Tim Cook you will be blocked by Brandi Garcia who is the worst cutomer service person in North America.

3. Hotwire – be sure not to have a car breakdown when you book a Horwire hotel. They don’t care. They continue to talk about policy. By the way, policy is what ruins customer service.

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