Todd Galganov

I had the privilege of meeting Todd Galganov in my radio office yesterday. Todd is the father of Jesse Galganov who mysteriously disappeared in Peru in 2017. Todd is a magnanimous gentleman who cares deeply about his son. But he also cares about other young people travelling abroad. As such, he has launched a website as a tribute to Jesse entitled

The site is designed to focus on missing persons – prevention, awareness and support. The mission statement is as follows:

Our Mission is to provide awareness, prevention & support to families and individuals who want to be protected in various ways as mentioned.

Our goal is once you leave your premises and go wherever you have knowledge and a safety kit and a support team behind you.

Our support will be with checklists, badges, stickers, and clothing as well as links to government sites for any dangers where you maybe going.

In essence, we are trying to prevent the tragedy which befell my son, Jesse and our family hopefully doesn’t repeat itself.

We are “The Company with a Heart”.

My son wanted to save and protect lives. We hope to fulfill his goal of wanting to pursue a profession that saves lives and lengthens life spans.

God willing we shall make a difference.

God bless you and come on our journey.


The website is fascinating because it includes travel advice and advisories as well as a safety, emergency amd and preparation checklist. There is also an education fund in honour of Jesse that will support children in the community. And Jesse safety kit products including a GPS unit and the suggestion of downloading a geolocation app for your phone.

Todd is going through this difficult process by focusing his energy on helping others; a noble mission. I believe he finds solace in wanting to make sure that this does not happen to any other family. He is a fine human being and we as a community have to step up to the plate and support him. It’s not only our moral obligation; it’s the right thing to do.

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