Random Saturday Morning Thoughts

Enough said about that picture, it’s beautiful but not every one loves the colder temperatures. As a matter of fact, a small portion of the population suffers from SAD – seasonal affective disorder.

On another subject, I would suggest that you never give up on your dreams. You see dreams are goals with wings. A goal is something that you can accomplish by establishing objectives, strategies and tactics. Anything is doable if you decide that you want it. If a political candidate decides that they will win the election, they can and will. If someone decides that they want true love, they will find it. And if you want to build a business, you can. Intention coupled with inspiration and hard work is an unbeatable combination. If you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right. But you can’t sit at home all day and watch Oprah and expect to become a millionaire. You have to work hard. The flaw in THE SECRET is that you can’t wish yourself into being successful, you have to go out and get it

And make sure that you are having fun, otherwise why bother? We take things too seriously in 2019. Everyone is stressed and worried even when they don’t have anything to worry about. Relax. One of my salespeople came into my office the other day and told me how stressed she was. I said if you were a brain surgeon driving into work to perform brain surgery you can be anxious. But we are just selling radio advertising. No one is going to die in the production of your radio canpaign.

So I am giving away my dog today. I wasn’t going to say anything, but I felt compelled to speak. He is a wonderful poodle but he is more than I can handle. I have a hernia and when he pulls, it hurts. I am gone weekdays from 8am – 5pm. Sometimes I travel to Toronto on business so he spends an idordinate amount of time at the dog sitter. So I made the tough decision that he would be better off with a young family, with the mother at home, in a fenced back yard and another dog friend to play with. They are coming to see him and take him at 1pm. He will be fine, I’m just not sure how I wil feel.

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