Positive Customer Service Stories

The problem with customer service today is simple. The front lines are not empowered to make simple decisions on behalf of the customer. However, the ones that break the rules, are the ones who become successful. Have you ever heard a customer service person reference “our policy”. Whenever that happens they are focused on the company and not on the customer.

Here are some positive customer service experiences. I walk into Best Buy with a laptop that I bought a couple of months ago. The volume control is not functioning and you can hardly hear it a maximum volume. The young manager comes over and I tell him the story. He mentions a warranty as well as the fact that it is defective. So I said then I guess that I will be getting a new laptop? And I did. Now that’s customer service Extraordinaire.

Another positive story is my recent visit to Baton Rouge St Johns in the West Island. The key to a successful restaurant is one simple thing – the people. It sounds obvious, but it is always taken for granted. The waiters and waitresses are the ones who interact with customers, not the chef or the owner. Our waitress, Big Daddy Leish, has a presence about her that is very much based on The Law of Vibration.

Every touch point is positive. Every touch point is clear.

She understands people and as such knows when to lean in and when to back away. And she knows the menu and its twists. She represents the brand and exemplifies the brand promise of Baton Rouge.

Remember, marketing is all about three things

  1. Relations
  2. Stories
  3. Magic

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