Random Ramblings

Does anybody answer their phone anymore? I called half a dozen prospects for a sales opportunity and no one called me back. I don’t understand how someone will take the time to send in a CV and then not call back. If they can’t call back, then they will never be able to do the job properly.

So I received a piece of mail marked “urgent matter”. It was sent to my old address and the new owner called and said it looks important so you should come over and pick it up. I drive over to find its from the Canadian Red Cross and it’s a fundraising letter indicating that if I donate $35 to this particular campaign, there would be a $105 ddonation made. I have been in the ad business for 38 years. DO NOT send a marketing piece designed to scare people. The net result of this troublesome type of marketing was to get me to call the head office of the Canadian Red Cross. And guess what, nobody called me back.

Life is a series of obstacles and challenges punctuated sporadically with momentary moments of happiness. Don’t let the world dim your light. There are a lot of naysayers out there and their goal is to bring you down to their level of unhappiness. Rise above. When two unhappy people meet, they commiserate. I was playing poker last night and I high fived another player after a good hand. The guy in between us said get your hand out of my face. Wow. Are you having a bad day? He was miserable. You could feel a negative vibration.

For the last 6 months I decided to talk to everyone that came in close contact with. Whether it’s in a restaurant, a bank line up, a poker game. And guess what? The results are amazing. I have created new business opportunities, made new friends and generally had very positive outcomes. It’s not hard but it will pay off.

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