Pet Peeves and Random Thoughts

Communication is a wonderful thing! As some forms of communication continue growing, like texting and Snapchat, it’s inevitable that other forms of communication, like phone calls, will dwindle.

It’s a trend that’s all too apparent among Millennials, and one that affects how businesses and organizations will need to approach their audiences. But what’s happening? Why aren’t Millennials answering your phone calls?

And it’s not just millennials. The vast majority of people that I call do not answer their phones. I suppose that it’s just easier to text. However, the art of conversation is slowly fading away. Before you know it, marriage proposals will be done via Skype, lectures to your kids will be via Facebook messenger and two old friends catching up will be done via Instagram stories.

So I walk into the Samsung store in downtown Toronto. Ever since I abandoned the horrible Apple products, I have been a big Samsung fan. I dumped my iphone and ipad for a Samsung Note 9 phone and a tablet and never looked back. Did you know that Samsung supplies perhaps the most visible feature on the iPhone X: Its screen. The manager of the store was a sharp young man and my sales guy was Bruce. I wanted to buy a cover but they were out of stock so he offered me the display cover at a substantially reduced rate. Sharp move. And my sales guy, was also a clever young man who was very accommodating as well as very attentive. Top flight sales people are hard to come by these days. Samsung has two of them in downtown Toronto. Solid product, sharp salespeople equals business success.

This quote really got me thinking. It’s seems as if eveything starts to fall into place later in life. Why couldn’t this have happened 20 years ago? But you know what? Maybe it was supposed to happen this way. Maybe we have to experience obstacles and challenges on the way to happiness and success. And when I say success, I don’t mean materialism. My top ten list of success does not include money.

  1. Health
  2. Peace of mind
  3. Happiness
  4. Love
  5. Family
  6. Friends
  7. Fun
  8. Adventure
  9. Travel
  10. Music

Did you ever notice that some things are a blessing in disguise? Something terrible happens and it leads to your finest hour. My depression led me to several things. First, it built character to the point that I am a stronger person than I was before. It also taught me to treat everyone with respect because we don’t know what someone is going through at any given time in their lives. And third, pay attention to homeless people who are probably suffering from depression. Stop look them in the eye, talk to them and give them a little something whether its $5 or a coffee.

Finally, don’t hesitate to fight the stigma of mental illness, homelessness, or any other legitimate societal problem. Too many peope are afraid to admit they suffer from depression or anxiety or are too broke to afford their next meal. Speak up. Fight the stigma. It’s ok to be down on your luck. It’s ok to be depressed. It’s ok to be broke. Its not your fault. Let someone help you. Swallow your pride. And one day you can pay it forward.

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