10 Worst Lines from a Customer Service person

So the number one worst customer service line goes to the branch manager of the National Bank on Sources Blvd in DDO.

I walked in one day and after waiting half an hour to cash a cheque, I asked to speak to the manager. She responded to my complaint by saying ” well you came in at lunch” I could not believe my ears. I would have fired her instantly.

After waiting for an inordinate amount of time in line at Walmart Vaudreuil, I ask the manager what’s happening. She said that 4 people called in sick. That’s why there were 2 cashiers in the Express line with 25 customers waiting. Well, guess what. I don’t care if everyone called in sick. It’s your job to replace them. Or how about getting behind a cash yourself.

Number 3 is quick. I come across the border from Ontario into Quebec and stop at the first service center. I walk up to the Tim Hortons and place my order. The kid says ” no speak English” Who’s coming across the border? Ontarians. Wake up and smell the coffee.

Visa Desjardins shuts down my new credit card arbitrarily and leaves me without any money after driving downtown to the casino. When I call them, the ignoramus on the phone sounds cocky and doesn’t give a shit. Well neither do I. Cancelled my card and never again.

The TD bank could not garner a mortgage for my new townhouse after 3 weeks so I lost an opportunity to buy a house at 50k less than its value. There was an outstanding statement on my credit bureau form from a house transaction last year. So after the deadline passed, I lost the opportunity. The next day I called the notary, secured the radiation form, sent it to the bank and in 15 minutes, it was done. So how come Pawel at TD Vaudreuil couldn’t get it done? He lost me 46k. I am suing him for opportunity lost.

The cockiest customer service person that I have ever met is Mark Reilly of TD mortgage. He was supposed to return a phone call and it took 45 hours. When I finally reached him, I told him that he was incompetent. He said then I guess our relationship is off to a bad start; I will have someone call you before EOB today. Guess what? No one called and I left TD and went to a morrgage broker. Bad move Mark.

So Bravo Pizza in St Lazare makes the Top Ten list. I have been ordering from them for 10 years. I move to Rigaud, just across the border from Hudson and order a pizza. They say we do not deliver to Rigaud. I said that I am less than 500 meters from Hudson but they refuse. Did they lose a pizza order? No they lost the next 10 years of pizza orders. Bad call.

The worst customer service organization, other than the National Bank is Apple. They are experts at stonewalling. Their customer care agents don’t give a shit. I had a problem with my iPhone and they washed their hands of the problem. So I called Telus and spoke to the VP.in Vancouver. Guess what. The next day I had a new Apple phone on my desk from FedEx and a note saying sorry for your bad experience. And it’s not even Apple. Telus. Stellar.

Petinos in DDO lost me in one breakfast. My mother and I go out for breakfast every Saturday and had been going to Petinos for 10 years. My mother asks to replace the beans for some fruit and the waiter says no. I ask for the manager and he says no. So I say that I will never come back. What did they lose? $ 15 000. Do the math. Stupid. And then they closed their doors.

The biggest mistake that customer service people make is this. “Our company policy . . .” Keep following company policy and your business will fail. Just remember, customer first.

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