Starbucks Stupidity

I had to blog today because of what happened at Starbucks. As I was just about to buy this insulated coffee mug, I asked the cashier if it came with a free coffee. She said no and I said are your sure to which she replied with those infamous words . . . OUR COMPANY POLICY BLAH BLAH BLAH

Why isn’t Starbucks empowering this young lady to make smart decisions. She actually said that if she could, she would have given me the free coffee. She’s smarter than Starbucks. So I put the outrageously priced container back on the shelf, got my double expresso macchiato and went on my way.

Empowerment. Wake up and smell the coffee, Starbucks

One thought on “Starbucks Stupidity

  1. I would have walked out without the macchiato brother. And went to a nice mom and pop coffee shop for a zero waste coffee like at Victor Rose where they give out FREE mugs with coffee!! Mugs you can actually re-use

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