Another Birthday for Nana

So Nana, as she is affectionately called, celebrated a landmark birthday yesterday, but she won’t let me reveal the number. But it doesn’t really matter because she is filled with energy, enthusiasm and a zest for life. She is one of the smartest persons that I have ever met. But her smarts revolve around the lost art of common sense.

Growing up during the depression, Nana learned how to face adversity and always do the best she could with what she had. Her father owned a soda shop on St Viateur and sold candies, cigarettes and magazines. He often let his customers pay on credit as times werw tough. A proud Irishman who loves his family and fiercely protected them.

The best gift that you could give to Nana is your time and a conversation. She loves to talk about old movies, family stories and her grandchildren. She is sharp as a tack conversationally and can discuss politics, nutrition and Irish history. Although I usually beat her at Scrabble, she never gives up; even with three letters left and behind by 100 points.She was devoted to her family amd stayed home to raise her kids. One of her regrets is not getting a drivers licence and having to rely on orhers. She was the rock of our family and enabled my father to become a permanent deacon in the Catholic Community at St Lukes church. He got all the accolades for performing wedding ceremonies and baptisms and she stayed in the background.

She taught me many lessons including actions speak louder than words. One day I spoke to her about a sales slump that I was experiencing and she asked me are you doing the best you can? and I said yes to which she said that’s all you can do. Simple.

She is like a private investigator. Sometimes I feel like its the Spanish Inquisition when I call her and she grills me with questions. And she’s not afraid to tell you what she thinks. Once I mentioned that I was going to buy a condo to which she responded no you’re not. Guess what. I didn’t buy the condo.

I look forward to spending the next decade with you Nana. Love you to the moon and back.

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