Deep Thoughts

As we roll into December, I thought it was time to go deeper than sales and customer service. The quote above is comforting in so far as it makes me think about my late father and the fact that I believe he is watching over me. A humble servant of God and his community, my father worked his way from the mail room to Accounting Manager, Eastern Canads, for the Steel Company of Canada. And all that with just a high school education. After retirement, he went to Concordia and got a degree and eventually became a deacon in the Catholic Community of St Luke’s in Dollard des Ormeaux. I tell people two things about my father.

1. He was the finest man to walk the face of the earth

2. He was perfect

Of course, I get push back when people tell me no on is perfect. Well, he was.

Our past cannot be course corrected, or as I like to say it is what it is. We cannot go backwards, we can only live for the moment and create a positive future. Oftentimes I find myself looking back with regrets however, there is no purpose to this exercise except to stir up negativity. Adversity builds chatacter. The tougher your life, the stronger you are. We can only learn from the lessons of the past to create a better future. Thomas Watson, the founder of IBM once said In order to succeed, double your failures. And do I have failures. But I know not to repeat them and to learn from them. The future is friendly if you use the ammunition from your past.

Please do me a favor and with the holidays fast approaching, take some time for the lost art of conversation. I am guilty of this horrible habit we have with technology and it also ruining the art of sales. I get email pitches on a daily basis and I simply control alt and delete. If you want to make a sale, pick up the phone. The ratios of cold calling vs email selling are dramatic. Email response rates are .004% and cold call response rates are 8.21%. You decide. But also take a break from your phone. On the weekends, my son puts his phone away for a prescribed period of time. Smart millenial.

I know for some people this is a tough time of year from a mental perspective. They may be alone or suffer from depression. Take the time to visit someone that is alone. The gift of time is more precious than any gift. And pay attention to homeless people. They are probably suffering from some form of mental illness.

1. Stop and look them in the eye

2. Talk with them

3. Give what you can

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