Why are salespeople afraid to close?

Closing a sale is actually a very simple process. Really? The reality is that if you have done your homework and followed the six steps in the sales process, then number six should happen naturally. So why do so many sales not materialize? Believe it or not, more than half of possible sales do notContinue reading “Why are salespeople afraid to close?”

Stop talking and start selling

The perception that you have to be a big talker to be successful in sales is so far from the truth. The stereotype of the used car salesperson talking a consumer into buying a car is prevalent in society and has demeaned the reality of professional sales. Sales is simply about finding a need, opportunityContinue reading “Stop talking and start selling”

Advertising in three easy steps

After spending a week presenting an advertising seminar to local business owners, I discovered, or should I say rediscovered the three simple elements to successful advertising. 1. The Why Factor – what makes your product or service different from your competitors. And not just the standard cliches like price, service, quality or location; but somethingContinue reading “Advertising in three easy steps”

Three keys to advertising success

Advertising success in three words Posted by timt2013 0 After 30+ years in the advertising business, I have finally discovered the three keys to success – the message, the frequency and the medium. And they are listed in order of importance. Let’s start with the message. A good ad is about the listener or reader andContinue reading “Three keys to advertising success”

What I learned in sales this week

As part of a continuing blog on real life sales experiences, following are several key lessons learned this week . . . 1. Price becomes irrelevant when you have the right idea. If a prospect maintains that your prices are too high, you simply haven’t established value in your product or service. In presenting anContinue reading “What I learned in sales this week”

Funeral and cemetery advertising made simple

Creating compelling advertising for the funeral and cemetery profession can be a daunting task. What do we talk about? How do we approach the subject without making consumers feel uncomfortable? What media makes the most sense? Let’s make the process simple – here are the steps that you need to take in order to createContinue reading “Funeral and cemetery advertising made simple”

Sales effectiveness – the phone or email

As more and more of our regular daily communication is done via email, there have been increasing discussions regarding what is more effective in the world of sales. Certainly the younger demographic may be more comfortable with email as a form of communication, however, is it the best way to prospect and sell? According toContinue reading “Sales effectiveness – the phone or email”