Marketing your funeral and cemetery company with service

With the holidays just around the corner, I thought it would be appropriate to discuss service as a point of differentiation for your funeral home or cemetery property. In the last week or two, I have experienced countless service mistakes which potentially may prevent me from returning to that particular place of business. Jan CarlsonContinue reading “Marketing your funeral and cemetery company with service”

Creating a marketing plan for you funeral and cemetery company

The first key to success is the creation of a marketing plan. Why a marketing plan? What will it do for you? First, it will enable you to focus on your corporate objectives and the strategies necessary to achieve them. Second, when it’s time to bring others into the marketing activities, their roles and functionsContinue reading “Creating a marketing plan for you funeral and cemetery company”

Simplicity in your funeral and cemetery advertising

We all know about the KISS principle – keep it simple stupid. And this principle holds true in advertising for your funeral and cemetery company. Over the years working with radio clients, advertisers insist on jamming as much information as possible into a commercial. They insist on mentioning every product instead of focusing on aContinue reading “Simplicity in your funeral and cemetery advertising”

Tracking your funeral and cemetery advertising

” Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half ” John Wanamaker John Wanamaker was born in Philadelphia in 1838 and opened his first retail store – Oak Hall in 1861. He was considered the father of modern advertising and a pioneer in marketing with aContinue reading “Tracking your funeral and cemetery advertising”

TV advertising for the funeral and cemetery profession

TV advertising for the funeral and cemetery profession is an interesting opportunity which has definite pros and cons. First, the average consumer will spend more than 50% of their media consumption time with TV. Of course, the combination of visual and audio is very compelling. And the big brands continue to advertise regularly on TVContinue reading “TV advertising for the funeral and cemetery profession”

Funeral and cemetery advertising in the newspaper

The challenge of advertising in the newspaper is enormous in this day and age. Traditionally, big brands bought print advertising to promote their business, however, with less than half of the adult population reading a daily newspaper, the option is not as obvious. Did you know that only 42% of readers of a newspaper willContinue reading “Funeral and cemetery advertising in the newspaper”

What radio formats make sense for funeral and cemetery ads

So you’ve decided to use radio as a medium to promote your funeral and cemetery business. The next question is which format makes sense. First, radio stations can provide you with demographic information on their respective listening audience. So you can analyze the market and select the stations that target the 50+ demographic. On theContinue reading “What radio formats make sense for funeral and cemetery ads”

A new creative approach to funeral and cemetery marketing

Have you noticed that the vast majority of advertising is based on one simple tenet – the best price. I have not seen an ad for the automotive industry on TV, radio or in the newspaper that didn’t focus on the price – whether it’s a low finance rate, low lease rate or just aContinue reading “A new creative approach to funeral and cemetery marketing”