Good Customer Service Snippets

I thought that I would share some short stories on positive customer service. First, TD Bank. The manager of the branch, Vanessa Cox, on St John’s road welcomed me when I had an issue with my credit card. She sat me down, explained exactly what happended and fixed the problem to my satisfaction. But theContinue reading “Good Customer Service Snippets”

Warning – The Visa Desjardins Disaster

Stellar customer service is hard to come by. But bad customer service happens every day. Companies blame the economy for falling sales. But they should look within to find the answers. Visa Desjardins is now rivaling the National Bank as the worst customer service provider in Canada. I recently purchased furniture from the Brick whichContinue reading “Warning – The Visa Desjardins Disaster”

The Story of My Depression

Depression and anxiety go together like birds of a feather. When I was first diagnosed with depression, my family doctor administered a Beck Test. The test is available online and is the best predictor of depression. There are no clinical tests that you can take to determine if you suffer. Actually, there are brain scansContinue reading “The Story of My Depression”

Assorted Customer Service Stories

Customer Service Sucks. It’s a crying shame but it’s absolutely 100% true. I go from the horrendous National Bank to the stellar TD. I call to activate my new credit card and the lady that answeris position, energetic and conversational; the exact opposite of the sad folks at the National Bank. Imagine a customer serviceContinue reading “Assorted Customer Service Stories”

Cadillac XT5 Rules

The Cadillac XT5 continues the brand’s push to revamp its lineup. Like the CT6 luxury sedan, the XT5 brings about a fresh design, lightweight construction, generous passenger space and an unfamiliar name. What does that name mean, anyway? Cadillac now calls its sedans “CT” (for Cadillac Touring) and its crossovers “XT” (for Crossover Touring). TheContinue reading “Cadillac XT5 Rules”

Sunday Morning Random Thoughts

It’s a lovely Sunday morning and I wanted to share some random thoughts. The quote above is very prophetic; when we think about it, we spend more time analysing, discussing, and trying to understand the past that we have little time left to invest in the future. We have to figure out how to shiftContinue reading “Sunday Morning Random Thoughts”