Positive Customer Service Stories

The problem with customer service today is simple. The front lines are not empowered to make simple decisions on behalf of the customer. However, the ones that break the rules, are the ones who become successful. Have you ever heard a customer service person reference “our policy”. Whenever that happens they are focused on theContinue reading “Positive Customer Service Stories”

Random Saturday Morning Thoughts

Enough said about that picture, it’s beautiful but not every one loves the colder temperatures. As a matter of fact, a small portion of the population suffers from SAD – seasonal affective disorder. On another subject, I would suggest that you never give up on your dreams. You see dreams are goals with wings. AContinue reading “Random Saturday Morning Thoughts”


There’s a unique feeling when you walk into the campaign offices of Emmanuella Lambropoulos. It’s not like a typical office filled with political veterans and campaign junkies. It’s actually quite the opposite; filled with energy, youth, enthusiasm and hope for the future. A hope that has dissipated with the cynicism of politics. Emmanuella is theContinue reading “Emmanuella”

Customer Service Extraordinaire

There is good and bad customer service, but the best customer service is when a retailer fixes a problem on behalf of the client. I recently purchased a table and 4 chairs from Structube which is one of my favorite stores. Structube features modern furniture at affordable prices with stylish designs. The store managaer, AliciaContinue reading “Customer Service Extraordinaire”