10 Worst Lines from a Customer Service person

So the number one worst customer service line goes to the branch manager of the National Bank on Sources Blvd in DDO.

I walked in one day and after waiting half an hour to cash a cheque, I asked to speak to the manager. She responded to my complaint by saying ” well you came in at lunch” I could not believe my ears. I would have fired her instantly.

After waiting for an inordinate amount of time in line at Walmart Vaudreuil, I ask the manager what’s happening. She said that 4 people called in sick. That’s why there were 2 cashiers in the Express line with 25 customers waiting. Well, guess what. I don’t care if everyone called in sick. It’s your job to replace them. Or how about getting behind a cash yourself.

Number 3 is quick. I come across the border from Ontario into Quebec and stop at the first service center. I walk up to the Tim Hortons and place my order. The kid says ” no speak English” Who’s coming across the border? Ontarians. Wake up and smell the coffee.

Visa Desjardins shuts down my new credit card arbitrarily and leaves me without any money after driving downtown to the casino. When I call them, the ignoramus on the phone sounds cocky and doesn’t give a shit. Well neither do I. Cancelled my card and never again.

The TD bank could not garner a mortgage for my new townhouse after 3 weeks so I lost an opportunity to buy a house at 50k less than its value. There was an outstanding statement on my credit bureau form from a house transaction last year. So after the deadline passed, I lost the opportunity. The next day I called the notary, secured the radiation form, sent it to the bank and in 15 minutes, it was done. So how come Pawel at TD Vaudreuil couldn’t get it done? He lost me 46k. I am suing him for opportunity lost.

The cockiest customer service person that I have ever met is Mark Reilly of TD mortgage. He was supposed to return a phone call and it took 45 hours. When I finally reached him, I told him that he was incompetent. He said then I guess our relationship is off to a bad start; I will have someone call you before EOB today. Guess what? No one called and I left TD and went to a morrgage broker. Bad move Mark.

So Bravo Pizza in St Lazare makes the Top Ten list. I have been ordering from them for 10 years. I move to Rigaud, just across the border from Hudson and order a pizza. They say we do not deliver to Rigaud. I said that I am less than 500 meters from Hudson but they refuse. Did they lose a pizza order? No they lost the next 10 years of pizza orders. Bad call.

The worst customer service organization, other than the National Bank is Apple. They are experts at stonewalling. Their customer care agents don’t give a shit. I had a problem with my iPhone and they washed their hands of the problem. So I called Telus and spoke to the VP.in Vancouver. Guess what. The next day I had a new Apple phone on my desk from FedEx and a note saying sorry for your bad experience. And it’s not even Apple. Telus. Stellar.

Petinos in DDO lost me in one breakfast. My mother and I go out for breakfast every Saturday and had been going to Petinos for 10 years. My mother asks to replace the beans for some fruit and the waiter says no. I ask for the manager and he says no. So I say that I will never come back. What did they lose? $ 15 000. Do the math. Stupid. And then they closed their doors.

The biggest mistake that customer service people make is this. “Our company policy . . .” Keep following company policy and your business will fail. Just remember, customer first.

Pet Peeves and Random Thoughts

Communication is a wonderful thing! As some forms of communication continue growing, like texting and Snapchat, it’s inevitable that other forms of communication, like phone calls, will dwindle.

It’s a trend that’s all too apparent among Millennials, and one that affects how businesses and organizations will need to approach their audiences. But what’s happening? Why aren’t Millennials answering your phone calls?

And it’s not just millennials. The vast majority of people that I call do not answer their phones. I suppose that it’s just easier to text. However, the art of conversation is slowly fading away. Before you know it, marriage proposals will be done via Skype, lectures to your kids will be via Facebook messenger and two old friends catching up will be done via Instagram stories.

So I walk into the Samsung store in downtown Toronto. Ever since I abandoned the horrible Apple products, I have been a big Samsung fan. I dumped my iphone and ipad for a Samsung Note 9 phone and a tablet and never looked back. Did you know that Samsung supplies perhaps the most visible feature on the iPhone X: Its screen. The manager of the store was a sharp young man and my sales guy was Bruce. I wanted to buy a cover but they were out of stock so he offered me the display cover at a substantially reduced rate. Sharp move. And my sales guy, was also a clever young man who was very accommodating as well as very attentive. Top flight sales people are hard to come by these days. Samsung has two of them in downtown Toronto. Solid product, sharp salespeople equals business success.

This quote really got me thinking. It’s seems as if eveything starts to fall into place later in life. Why couldn’t this have happened 20 years ago? But you know what? Maybe it was supposed to happen this way. Maybe we have to experience obstacles and challenges on the way to happiness and success. And when I say success, I don’t mean materialism. My top ten list of success does not include money.

  1. Health
  2. Peace of mind
  3. Happiness
  4. Love
  5. Family
  6. Friends
  7. Fun
  8. Adventure
  9. Travel
  10. Music

Did you ever notice that some things are a blessing in disguise? Something terrible happens and it leads to your finest hour. My depression led me to several things. First, it built character to the point that I am a stronger person than I was before. It also taught me to treat everyone with respect because we don’t know what someone is going through at any given time in their lives. And third, pay attention to homeless people who are probably suffering from depression. Stop look them in the eye, talk to them and give them a little something whether its $5 or a coffee.

Finally, don’t hesitate to fight the stigma of mental illness, homelessness, or any other legitimate societal problem. Too many peope are afraid to admit they suffer from depression or anxiety or are too broke to afford their next meal. Speak up. Fight the stigma. It’s ok to be down on your luck. It’s ok to be depressed. It’s ok to be broke. Its not your fault. Let someone help you. Swallow your pride. And one day you can pay it forward.

Deep Thoughts

As self proclaimed worry warts, we spend an inordinate amount of time worrying throughout our lives. It is certainly easier said than done to stop worrying, but you may have noticed that nothing in life is ever as bad as it is thought to be. The Dale Carnegie organization has a program entitled How to Stop Worrying and Start Living. The key principles are simple.

1. Live in day tight compartments, in other words, live one day at a time

2. Accept the worst and build from there

3. Realize the enormous damage to your health that worry causes

Dale Breckenridge Carnegie; 1922; November 24, 1888 – November 1, 1955) was an American writer and lecturer, and the developer of famous courses in self-improvement, salesmanship, corporate training, public speaking, and interpersonal skills. Born into poverty on a farm in Missouri, he was the author of How to Win Friends and Influence People (1936), a bestseller that remains popular today. He also wrote How to Stop Worrying and Start Living (1948).

Talk is cheap. If you break up with your husband because of things that you did that were wrong, you can’t just say that you will change. Actions speak louder than words. You have to demonstrate to your husband on a consistent basis that you have changed. Walk the talk.

So you may or may not know that my daughter moved to Australia in Wednesday. We became very close recently, as a matter of fact she lived with me for most of the last month before she left. We had a great time talking, walking the dog, dinners and Chinese food and the occasional visit to the casino. I already miss her.

And I also gave my dog away about a month ago. I adopted him from an elederly lady who was going into a senior residence. He was a wonderful boy but he is in a better place with a family with both parents at home and another dog to play with. I am going to visit him in the next couple of weeks.

Random Ramblings

Does anybody answer their phone anymore? I called half a dozen prospects for a sales opportunity and no one called me back. I don’t understand how someone will take the time to send in a CV and then not call back. If they can’t call back, then they will never be able to do the job properly.

So I received a piece of mail marked “urgent matter”. It was sent to my old address and the new owner called and said it looks important so you should come over and pick it up. I drive over to find its from the Canadian Red Cross and it’s a fundraising letter indicating that if I donate $35 to this particular campaign, there would be a $105 ddonation made. I have been in the ad business for 38 years. DO NOT send a marketing piece designed to scare people. The net result of this troublesome type of marketing was to get me to call the head office of the Canadian Red Cross. And guess what, nobody called me back.

Life is a series of obstacles and challenges punctuated sporadically with momentary moments of happiness. Don’t let the world dim your light. There are a lot of naysayers out there and their goal is to bring you down to their level of unhappiness. Rise above. When two unhappy people meet, they commiserate. I was playing poker last night and I high fived another player after a good hand. The guy in between us said get your hand out of my face. Wow. Are you having a bad day? He was miserable. You could feel a negative vibration.

For the last 6 months I decided to talk to everyone that came in close contact with. Whether it’s in a restaurant, a bank line up, a poker game. And guess what? The results are amazing. I have created new business opportunities, made new friends and generally had very positive outcomes. It’s not hard but it will pay off.

Positive Customer Service Stories

The problem with customer service today is simple. The front lines are not empowered to make simple decisions on behalf of the customer. However, the ones that break the rules, are the ones who become successful. Have you ever heard a customer service person reference “our policy”. Whenever that happens they are focused on the company and not on the customer.

Here are some positive customer service experiences. I walk into Best Buy with a laptop that I bought a couple of months ago. The volume control is not functioning and you can hardly hear it a maximum volume. The young manager comes over and I tell him the story. He mentions a warranty as well as the fact that it is defective. So I said then I guess that I will be getting a new laptop? And I did. Now that’s customer service Extraordinaire.

Another positive story is my recent visit to Baton Rouge St Johns in the West Island. The key to a successful restaurant is one simple thing – the people. It sounds obvious, but it is always taken for granted. The waiters and waitresses are the ones who interact with customers, not the chef or the owner. Our waitress, Big Daddy Leish, has a presence about her that is very much based on The Law of Vibration.

Every touch point is positive. Every touch point is clear.

She understands people and as such knows when to lean in and when to back away. And she knows the menu and its twists. She represents the brand and exemplifies the brand promise of Baton Rouge.

Remember, marketing is all about three things

  1. Relations
  2. Stories
  3. Magic

Random Saturday Morning Thoughts

Enough said about that picture, it’s beautiful but not every one loves the colder temperatures. As a matter of fact, a small portion of the population suffers from SAD – seasonal affective disorder.

On another subject, I would suggest that you never give up on your dreams. You see dreams are goals with wings. A goal is something that you can accomplish by establishing objectives, strategies and tactics. Anything is doable if you decide that you want it. If a political candidate decides that they will win the election, they can and will. If someone decides that they want true love, they will find it. And if you want to build a business, you can. Intention coupled with inspiration and hard work is an unbeatable combination. If you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right. But you can’t sit at home all day and watch Oprah and expect to become a millionaire. You have to work hard. The flaw in THE SECRET is that you can’t wish yourself into being successful, you have to go out and get it

And make sure that you are having fun, otherwise why bother? We take things too seriously in 2019. Everyone is stressed and worried even when they don’t have anything to worry about. Relax. One of my salespeople came into my office the other day and told me how stressed she was. I said if you were a brain surgeon driving into work to perform brain surgery you can be anxious. But we are just selling radio advertising. No one is going to die in the production of your radio canpaign.

So I am giving away my dog today. I wasn’t going to say anything, but I felt compelled to speak. He is a wonderful poodle but he is more than I can handle. I have a hernia and when he pulls, it hurts. I am gone weekdays from 8am – 5pm. Sometimes I travel to Toronto on business so he spends an idordinate amount of time at the dog sitter. So I made the tough decision that he would be better off with a young family, with the mother at home, in a fenced back yard and another dog friend to play with. They are coming to see him and take him at 1pm. He will be fine, I’m just not sure how I wil feel.


There’s a unique feeling when you walk into the campaign offices of Emmanuella Lambropoulos. It’s not like a typical office filled with political veterans and campaign junkies. It’s actually quite the opposite; filled with energy, youth, enthusiasm and hope for the future. A hope that has dissipated with the cynicism of politics.

Emmanuella is the hero of her own story. She is a political neophyte who won a stunning nomination to replace Stephan Dion as the federal Liberal member of parliament in St. Laurent. A 26 year old high school teacher virtually unknown to politics beat a former provincial cabinet minister. Emmanuella and her team couldn’t hold back their surpsise at beating a woman who was considered to be the Liberal party favourite, Yolande James.

“I’m really shocked. I didn’t give up. Door to door. As soon as I knew that I wanted this I worked really hard. ” And subsequently she won the election. How? Simple.

  1. Desire
  2. Commitment
  3. Relentlessness
  4. Hard work
  5. Positive visualization

Emmanuella decided that she was going to emerge triumphant, and she did. Imagine putting your mind to something and then seeing it materialize. But that’s how every new product or idea is born. With a burning desire to succeed and with the express purpose of helping others.

The Most Reverend Deacon James Thompson, or as I call him, ” dad ” He left us in 2006 and I tell everyone that he was the finest human being to ever walk the face of the earth. And he taught me one simple life mission, “help others” What’s the connection? ” Simple. Similar missions between my father and Emmanuella. She fights for the underdog. As a matter of fact, her campaign manager, Pina Frangella, said that she will be an advocate for

  • Racial issues
  • Anti – semitism
  • The environment
  • Youth issues
  • Seniors issues

Emmanuella was successful because she knocked on doors evey single day leading up to the election in 2017. She was the only candidate to live in the riding; she grew up in St, Laurent, worked in St. Laurent and the cashier at the local Jean Coutu could not stop ranting and raving about her.

Emmanuella’s father Tom said that her campaign started out with just him and her. From humble beginnings come great things. “Our goal was to hit the road and get memberships. We weren’t really seen by the press; we were invisible.” Her mom, Matina said that our headquarters was grandma’s living room.

So I attended my first volunteer meeting on Thursday night. Emmanuella spoke to her team. She is poised, intelligent, and passionate. I was excited to reach out to the population of St. Laurent and really connect with the peope. It was awesome. From the long time senior Liberal to the young new voter to the handful of undecided. I was invigorated and also thrilled to see that 90% of the calls that I made were voters who loved Emmanuella. And of course the one young dude who told me that “it was none of my business” All’s fair in love and war.

So what does the future look like in St. Laurent. In simple terms, bright and in more specific terms , positive. Emmanuella is an individual who truly cares. An individual who will work hatd for her community. An individual who will fight for the rights of the underdogs. An individual who lives, breathes and loves St. Laurent.


Random Thoughts

In the world of advertising, you have 7 seconds to grab a consumers attention. This works.

The first story is indicative of why businesses are failing. I used to live in St Lazare and ordered pizza from Bravo. Recently moved to Rigaud and called last night. I gave them my address and they took the order. However, they called back a few minutes later and said they don’t deliver to Rigaud, only Hudson.

This is the distance from the Hudson border to my house.

This was the brilliant decision not to bring the food by 650m.

This is the brilliant customer service.

The sad thing is that I will never patronize the business again.

Let’s say that I went once a month for the last years. Do the math. Average lifetime value of cutomer – $6,000.

Was it worth not crossing the imaginary border?. Absolutely not. What a horrendous decison. And how many people will I tell this story to?

Bad customer service is pandemic. And policies and rules juat serve to make it worse. Just check out the worst customer service in Canada – National Bank. I just switched to TD. What an enormous difference.

TDs …

  1. Cutting edge with phone apps
  2. Customer service is impeccable
  3. I have a tremendous bank manger and a solid team with expertise ranging from mortgages, small business and personal investments.
  4. They are available and great to deal with
  5. Open Sundays and better weekday hours
  6. Positive attitudes
  7. Young and refreshing
  8. Smart
  9. You are made to feel at home
  10. Online tools which enable you to understand your buying patterns

Too bad they don’t taste good.

This is a picture of the finest man to ever walk the face earth. After retirement from the Steel Company, he went to school and became a deacon in the Catholic church. During his tenure, The Most Reverend Deacon James Thompson baptized over 500 babies and helped countless people. I say to people that he was perfect and they respond impossible. Well, he was.

The boys of summer. Enjoy the day. For more info on sales, visit wwww.theshysalesguy.com or http://www.mangocommunications.ca

Todd Galganov

I had the privilege of meeting Todd Galganov in my radio office yesterday. Todd is the father of Jesse Galganov who mysteriously disappeared in Peru in 2017. Todd is a magnanimous gentleman who cares deeply about his son. But he also cares about other young people travelling abroad. As such, he has launched a website as a tribute to Jesse entitled http://www.jesseprotected.com

The site is designed to focus on missing persons – prevention, awareness and support. The mission statement is as follows:

Our Mission is to provide awareness, prevention & support to families and individuals who want to be protected in various ways as mentioned.

Our goal is once you leave your premises and go wherever you have knowledge and a safety kit and a support team behind you.

Our support will be with checklists, badges, stickers, and clothing as well as links to government sites for any dangers where you maybe going.

In essence, we are trying to prevent the tragedy which befell my son, Jesse and our family hopefully doesn’t repeat itself.

We are “The Company with a Heart”.

My son wanted to save and protect lives. We hope to fulfill his goal of wanting to pursue a profession that saves lives and lengthens life spans.

God willing we shall make a difference.

God bless you and come on our journey.


The website is fascinating because it includes travel advice and advisories as well as a safety, emergency amd and preparation checklist. There is also an education fund in honour of Jesse that will support children in the community. And Jesse safety kit products including a GPS unit and the suggestion of downloading a geolocation app for your phone.

Todd is going through this difficult process by focusing his energy on helping others; a noble mission. I believe he finds solace in wanting to make sure that this does not happen to any other family. He is a fine human being and we as a community have to step up to the plate and support him. It’s not only our moral obligation; it’s the right thing to do.