Assorted Customer Service Stories

Customer Service Sucks. It’s a crying shame but it’s absolutely 100% true. I go from the horrendous National Bank to the stellar TD. I call to activate my new credit card and the lady that answeris position, energetic and conversational; the exact opposite of the sad folks at the National Bank.

Imagine a customer service person that is actually happy to hear from you.

” Customer service is an attitide not a department.

Then there’s Visa Desjardins. It’s like going from bad to worse.

I bought furniture at the Brick and was sent a Visa Desjardins card. I decided to use it on an interim basis. Well it’s been frozen 4 times in 7 days. The first freeze was when I drove all the way downtown from Hudson and the card was declined at the casino for suspicious activity.


The second was for dinner at Cunninghams; the third was at the Brick after shopping for 2 hours and the fourth I do not recall.

The last conversation was an increase of the limit from 5k to 8k after which it was declined.

Come on guys, get your act together. And the worst part, all the customer service agents have bad attitudes.

So avoid Visa Desjardins at all costs.

Cadillac XT5 Rules

The Cadillac XT5 continues the brand’s push to revamp its lineup. Like the CT6 luxury sedan, the XT5 brings about a fresh design, lightweight construction, generous passenger space and an unfamiliar name. What does that name mean, anyway? Cadillac now calls its sedans “CT” (for Cadillac Touring) and its crossovers “XT” (for Crossover Touring). The number following relates to the vehicle’s place in the hierarchy of the brand — the higher the number, the more premium the vehicle is.

The XT5 is an incredible piece of machinery. From the moment that you sit in the cockpit, you feel safe, secure and in total control. The onboard computer is stellar. I drove an Audi A4 prior and the computer was not a touch screen. The sun roof spans the entire vehicle and the rear view indicator makes backing up a breeze.

Where previous Cadillacs used touch-sensitive panels to adjust things like climate settings, every switch in the XT5 is a physical button. We welcome this change, as the tactile sensations of real buttons take the needless guesswork out of setting the temperature or the level of desired seat heating. Unfortunately, there’s still no volume dial. Instead you swipe your finger across a horizontal bar below the infotainment screen. As it doesn’t have the accuracy or response of a dial, we were content using the physical steering wheel controls.

The 2017 Cadillac XT5 received a Good rating (the highest possible) in all five crash tests performed by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. It was also awarded an IIHS Top Safety Pick designation. The XT5 did well in tests performed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration as well. Front-wheel-drive models received five out of five stars for overall safety and in the side crash evaluation, and four stars in frontal and rollover crash testing. All-wheel-drive models received a five-star rating for overall safety, as well as five stars in side crash testing and four stars in the frontal and rollover crash tests.

You just feel safe inside the XT5 and given the fact that you are somewhat elevated, you can see several cars ahead on the highway.

The 3.6-liter V6 easily motivates the XT5, and it does so with impressive quietness. You only hear the engine after standing on the gas pedal for extended periods, but even then it’s still subdued. We’re still curious to find how the engine deals with a full load of people and cargo. We’re also curious to see if Cadillac will offer more engine choices, like most of the competition.

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Sunday Morning Random Thoughts

It’s a lovely Sunday morning and I wanted to share some random thoughts. The quote above is very prophetic; when we think about it, we spend more time analysing, discussing, and trying to understand the past that we have little time left to invest in the future. We have to figure out how to shift paradigms because the past cannot be altered but the future can.

So I walk into David’s Tea. I am a coffee drinker but I thought perhaps some nice hot or even cold tea would be a change of pace. The young man is an excellent salesperson and shows me a $25 diffuser – sounds reasonable right? So then I order 500 grams of mango tea in a container. Guess how much the loose tea was? $70! I walked out of the store in stunned amazement.

So I played poker on Saturday and although this looks good, easy come easy go. So I go to the interact machine at the casino and try and take out some money. The machine declines the card. My credit is excellent. So I drive home and call Visa Desjardins. They arbitrarily froze my card because they weren’t sure if it was compromised or not. Then I went out for dinner and it was declined again.

Overly cautious or good thinking to protect my new card. The jury is out; what do you think?

Always be kind. I saw a homeless man outside a deppaneur and approached him and we had a nice chat. He is probably suffering from some sort of mental illness. Anthony Robbins taught me to that when you see a homeless person, stop, look them in the eye and chat. I give every homeless person that I encounter a $20 bill. It makes them feel like a million bucks.

Enjoy the day.

The National Bank Debacle Part 4

Just when you think that the National Bank has stooped to the lowest level of customer service in Canada, they brilliantly strike again.

The manager of the branch that I am leaving calls me to say that she heard I was having trouble with my world elite credit card. True. The card was declined at a Starbucks for a cappucino and I had to call and stay on hold for the standard one hout when I was informed that it had been rectified.

Of course it was declined again later that day. So basically the National Bank shut down my credit card illegally. Now I am worried about my money as I transition from a triple A bank to TD, a major league bank.

This is just a warning about what a company will do when faced with a complaining customer.

So three lessons learned.

  1. Avoid second tier banks like the National Bank
  2. If you are sadly a National Bank customer, you are not allowed to complain about lousy customer service
  3. It is remarkable that a bank have some many incompetent employees from Paolo Pizzuto to Roberto Cefaloni to Claude Breton (who is in charge of public relations but you never hear from). All Vice Presidents, all incompetent

Final thought – be very careful when choosing a bank. It’s your money protect it and make sure that you feel safe and comfortable with your bank.

By the way, here is the National Bank’s rating with the Better Business Bureau

Hmmm D-, not exactly stellar.

Take heed, buyer beware.

Enjoy the day.

The National Bank Strikes Again and not in a good way

So if you have not read the three previous blogs on The National Bank Debacle, you may want to take a look.

So I am parting ways with the National Bank due to horrific customer service, 3 cocky VP’S and an average one hour wait when calling for service.

As I transition to a real tier 1 bank from an unprofessional tier 2 bank, the experiences keep getting worse.

I used my National Bank World Elite card last night to purchase some light fixtures at Reno. All good. I go to Starbucks this morning and I am refused a $5 charge on a $15,000 credit limit.

So I call.the bank and am kept waiting for almost an hour. They inform me that my card is good to go. So I walk into a TD bank and the machine eats my card indicating a problem. The branch manager at TD (because they have brains in their head) immediately helps me to retrieve my card.

So if you are considering a new bank avoid the National Bank like the plague and jump on board with TD.

Nice people who actually care about their customers.

Amazing customer service from Olsun and Early at the Brick

So the Brick was scheduled to deliver some furniture and appliances to my new home today. Well they delivered and then some. Two young men, Olson and Early showed up right on time with a fridge, sofa and big screen TV. Unfortunately the fridge did not fit through the front door so they had to remove the doors from the fridge in order to make it fit.

And of course the fridge would barely fit into its spot in the kitchen so they worked with my handyman Danny and made it work. The unpacked the sofa coverings and removed everything into their truck. They were polite and friendly and did an excellent job.

With so much horrible customer service these days, I felt that it was important to recognize these two fine young men.

Enjoy the day.

Think Kitchen Delivers

Did you ever walk into a store and feel a positive energy? That energy emanates from the people in the store not from the products that are featured. And that energy is based on The Law of Vibration which states that anything that exists in our universe, whether seen or unseen, broken down into and analyzed in it’s purest and most basic form, consists of pure energy or light which resonates and exists as a vibratory frequency or pattern. All matter, thoughts and feelings has its own vibrational frequency.

I walked into Think Kitchen yesterday and had a wonderful shopping experience. I needed a few things for my new house and much to my surprise, almost everything in the store was on sale.

But the positive customer experience came from the store employees. Geneva and the two other ladies were a pleasure to deal with. I walked through the store grabbing items and handing them to the ladies. And then they started making suggestions after figure out what I was looking for. We laughed and thoroughly enjoyed the retail shopping experience.

Remember, people don’t want to be sold but they love to buy. The ladies knew that and governored themselves accordingly. I went in with the intention to buy one or two things and left with a dozen.

Always remember the adage, ” we are here to help people get the good feelings about what they bought and about themselves.

Kudos to the ladies at Think Kitchen.

If you want to share good or bad customer service stories check out

Enjoy the day.

TD hits a home run

You may have been following the National Bank debacle three part series which ends with the bank terminatimg their business relationship with me. Three high level VP’s make this decision when I complained about lousy customer service. Brilliant.

Let’s move on. So I contacted TD Canada Trust. What a breath of fresh air. The branch manager took my call and was very positive and welcoming right from the start. I felt as if she wanted and cared about my business.

I am not a multimillionaire but I have 3 mortgages, two back accounts and a credit card.

We met yesterday and I was treated like a king. The name of the manager is Natasha and she is 27 years old; her customer service stellar. I was there for 2 hours and it flew by quickly. I left with a debit card and a card for my business, something the National Bank never even discussed with me. Natasha was efficient, friendly and made the whole process seem easy. And the bank is open on Sundays.

The three senior VP’s from the National Bank could learn from her. The lesson is simple. Do not accept less that stellar customer service. My 89 year old mother, who loves TD, always told me that it’s your hard earned money so make sure that you always get the best customer service.

There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else.” -Sam Walton

The National Bank Debacle Part 3

So I filed a complaint against the National Bank and was in touch with 2 Vice Presidents who decided to wash their hands of the situation and pass it off. It was passed off to the VP of Public Affairs and Social Enterprise, Mr. Claude Breton.

He was apprised of the situation and made his decision moving forward.

Are you ready for this?

In his infinite wisdom, he decided to terminate all of my business with the National Bank.

Now as a 25 year customer with 3 mortgages, two bank accounts and a World Elite credit card, I was expecting the opposite.

So the triumvirate of geniuses made the decision to terminate me.


So I will be switching to a bank that appreciates my business.

In the interim, I am organizing a press conference to tell my story to all the media outlets in Montreal including TV, radio, print and social media.

If you have a storely about the National Bank that you would like to share, please contact me at

Enjoy the day